GSA Steam Line Restoration

Project Info
  • Construction Date: July 2016
  • Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Category: Federal
Project Details

TST and teaming partners Tilt-up Construction & S.A.N. Business Consultants teamed up to perform a steam line restoration project for GSA, which upgraded and restored the thermal efficiency of a section of 12-inch high-pressure steam piping on Pennsylvania Ave. According to GSA, this section of piping was installed in the 1930’s and the original insulation has significantly deteriorated over time. To kick off the project, TST’s operating company, PCS, Inc., removed asbestos-containing materials from three manholes that are associated with the of piping. After the manholes were decontaminated, TST measured, designed, manufactured and installed custom-made Removable Insulation Covers (RICs) on pipping and fittings in the manholes. To wrap up the project, TST crews restored sections of the buried steam line by injecting our innovative ConduFill® technology within a 30”W x 18”H concrete box conduit that lies 7-10 feet below the sidewalk. Filling the void around the steam and condensate lines with ConduFill® will drastically reduce heat existing heat losses and prolong the life of piping system.

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